Digital Activism Productions

Music And Cannabis Event Video Productions

From the founder…. 

In 2000, I attended a NORML conference, armed with a Nikon Coolpix camera. What I found was an interesting movement, growing by the day, which was not receiving much media coverage. What was being covered was stereotypical- the hippie in the street smoking weed, not the enormous story of the cannabis reform movement.”

 “I discovered a world of activists, farmers, lawyers, artists, journalists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, medical patients, and regular folk. I felt compelled to document their activities, and upgraded my equipment to a Nikon D1 still camera and a Canon XL1 video camera. That year, I covered over 50 events across the US. I haven't stopped since.”

 “I hope you will learn as I have, from the brilliant, funny and passionate members of the cannabis community. Please share my work with anyone who will benefit from it.”

 Chad Rea